DS3231 Precise Real Time Clock Module I2C RTC AT24C32




  • 1Hz output pin SQW.
  • 32KHz output pin 32K.
  • Voltage Supply: 2.2 V ~ 5.5 V (for RTC).
  • Time Format: HH: MM: SS (12/24 hr).
  • Date Format: YY-MM-DD-dd.
  • DS3231 based RTC with 2032 Battery Holder.
  • Highly Accurate RTC
  • Real-Time Clock Counts
  • Digital Temp Sensor Output.
  • Register for Aging Trim.
  • Two Time-of-Day Alarms.
  • Programmable Square-Wave Output Signal.
  • Configurable I2C device Address for AT24C32 using SMD jumpers on PCB (A0, A1, A2)


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